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Gary Maclean's Crispy Fried Haggis

Gary Maclean's Crispy Fried Haggis

Crispy, fried Simon Howie Haggis with red onion chutney, mashed tatties and roasted turnip.

Professional Masterchef Champion and National Chef of Scotland Gary Maclean cooks up a dish very similar to the dish that got him through to the Masterchef Finals and yet simple enough to be tackled at home as a delicious alternative to haggis, neeps and tatties. 


  • Prep Time

    10 mins

    Cooking Time

    20 - 30 mins




What you'll need

1  Simon Howie 454g Haggis (Original, Vegetarian or Gluten Free)
4 sheets Filo Pastry
1 Egg for egg wash
1 Turnip
3 sprigs  Thyme
20g Butter  
250g Potatoes (2 large potatoes)
25g Unsalted butter
Pinch Salt
Pinch Nutmeg

For the red onion chutney:
20mls Vegetable oil
3 Red onions (sliced)
3 sprigs Thyme (picked and chopped)
50mls Port or red wine
1 tbs  Redcurrant Jelly
2 tbs  Vinegar

Putting it all together

For the haggis…
1. Break down the haggis.
2. Roll into 15cm lengths approx 10mm thick tubes.
3. Half the sheets of filo pastry and egg wash, lay on the haggis and roll up tightly.
4. When you are ready to serve shallow fry your pastry wrapped haggis until crisp, turning frequently.
For the turnip…
1. Peel and cut the turnip into small dice.
2. Place into a pan with the butter and herbs and slowly cook.
3. Baste the turnip with the butter.
4. Cook until turnip starts to caramelize.
For the mash…
1. Boil potatoes in salted water until cooked.
2. Drain and dry out on the hob.
3. Beat in the butter add the nutmeg and season to taste.
For the red onion chutney…
1. In a thick bottomed pan, heat the oil, add the sliced red onion and cook down gently for 10 minutes.
2. Add the port, redcurrant Jelly and the chopped thyme.
3. Cook till reduced and sticky.
Pipe or spoon the mash on to the plate. Slice the haggis and place on top. Serve with the turnip and onion marmalade and gravy if desired.
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