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Gary Maclean's Haggis Yorkshire Pudding

Gary Maclean's Haggis Yorkshire Pudding

Haggis Yorkshire pudding with onion gravy and pea puree

Gary Maclean, Professional Masterchef Champion and Scotland's National Chef reinvents the National dish by combining it with the Sunday Roast staple Yorkshire Pudding.

  • Prep Time

    10 - 15 mins

    Cooking Time

    30 - 40 mins




What you'll need

Simon Howie 454g Haggis (Original, Vegetarian or Gluten Free)
For the Yorkshire pudding 
1 cup   Eggs
1 cup   Plain flour
1 cup   Milk
Pinch  Salt
For the pea puree 
300g  Frozen peas
50g  Butter (unsalted)
Salt and pepper
For the onion gravy 
2 White onions
1 Carrot finely diced
150ml  Red wine
1 tsp  Plain flour
3 sprigs  Thyme
300ml  Brown chicken stock

Putting it all together

For the Haggis
1. Remove the haggis from the outer packaging.
2. Wrap the haggis bung in tin foil and simmer for 70 mins until the haggis is piping hot.
For the Yorkshire pudding 
1. The “cup” size is dependent on how many and how large you want to make the puddings.
2. Put a little oil in each of your tins and place in the oven until the fat is really hot and beginning to smoke.
3. Meanwhile combine the ingredients and beat to form a batter of the consistency of double cream. To do this pour the milk and eggs into a large bowl then gradually add the sieved flour.
4. When the oil is smoking pour in the batter don't over fill.
5. Cook for about 20-25 minutes by which time they will be puffed up and crisp.
For the pea puree 
1. Blanch the peas in a pan of boiling salted water.
2. This should only take a few minutes, as soon as the water comes back to the boil remove the peas and blend in the food processor with the 50g of butter.
For the onion gravy 
1. Wash peel and rewash your onions, slice as thin as you can, cut with the grain (follow the lines on the onion).
2. Add the onions with a little oil to a wide bottomed pan and place onto the heat. To caramelise the onions this is a long and slow process, you are trying to colour the onion without high heat this give you the best flavour.
3. Whilst the onions are caramelising you can start to dice your carrot, once the onions have achieved good colour add the finely diced carrots.
4. Add the red wine and boil until the wine is half gone, sprinkle the flour in and then add the brown stock, thyme and reduce until it thickens.      
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