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Our lamb is grass fed and naturally reared to provide meat which is tender and full of flavour. Lamb is sourced from the North East of Scotland where possible but will come from the rest of UK in order to meet specification and demand.

Know your lamb cuts:

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This part of the lamb can be prepared in different ways, the two most popular are as thick slices, often known as the Scrag End. Alternatively it can be made into a fillet by removing the muscle from the bone. Best enjoyed as a slow cooked stew or braised.


The shoulder of Lamb is a working muscle, supporting the animal in a similar way to that of the Brisket on a cattle beast. However because Lamb tends to be more tender across the carcass it doesn’t necessarily need to be cooked in the same way. Regularly used as a roasting joint the butchers will often bone and roll the shoulder, however it can also be cut into chops.


The rack consists of the first 8 ribs of the animal and is often known as the Best End. This cut of the lamb is very tender and can be enjoyed in a number of ways. It can be cut in a variety of ways including ‘French Trimmed’ which describes the trim when the fat between the bones is removed. Alternatively two racks could be served trimmed and tied together to create a ‘Crown of Lamb.'


This section of the lamb is capable of producing a wide variety of cuts. The most popular being the Loin Chop or the Barnsley Chop (both sides of the animal). If you prefer the meat off the bone the loin can be cut to produce the Noisettes as individual cuts or the Cannon as a whole piece. The individual cuts are extremely tender and can be grilled or pan fried. The loin as a whole muscle is a great choice for a roast.


The Chump can be found at the rear of the Lamb where the leg meets the loin. This muscle can be cut in such a way to produce the Chump Chops and the Chump Steaks, these are both perfect for grilling. As another option the whole Chump Joint can be slowly baked in the oven.


The leg of Lamb is a very popular cut and can be enjoyed in a number of ways. The butchers will generally bone out the leg which can then be used for roasting. This cut is particularly versatile however and can be cut into strips, cubes or even butterflied all of which are best enjoyed having been grilled or pan fried.


Taken from the lower leg this muscle is fairly hard working and for that reason needs to be slow cooked. This can be cut with the bone in or out and once cooked the meat is succulent and full of flavour.

Lamb Neck Fillet

Greek Style Lamb

Lamb Shoulder

Lamb Diced

Lamb Mince

Lamb Burger

Rack of Lamb

Lamb Cutlets

Lamb Barnsley Chops

Lamb Noisette

Lamb Saddle Boned and Rolled

Lamb T-Bone Chop

Lamb Valentine

Lamb Chump Chop

Lamb Leg Bone In

Lamb Leg Carvery Style

Lamb Leg Bonless

Lamb Gigot Chop

Lamb Shank

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